In this blog we will mention Silver stocks price rise becouse of PVA.

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I would like to start with quote from Stepehen Leeb

Stephen Leeb:  “Whatever your views about climate change, the reality is that the world as a whole is rushing to replace fossil fuels with renewable energies (along with nuclear, which is so plentiful that for all intents and purposes it can count as renewable). And while in recent articles we’ve focused on the forthcoming massive bull market ahead in gold, the transition to renewables will mean at least comparable opportunities for investors in another metal: silver, which is destined to soar into triple-digit territory… “While gold’s rise will mainly reflect its role as a currency as commodity shortages emerge, silver – which also has a history over the millennia as a precious metal – possesses special qualities as an industrial metal that will give it an added kick. For instance, it’s one of the best conductors of both electricity and heat, giving silver a critical role in industrial applications ranging from automobiles to computers and mobile phones (and virtually all modern electronic devices)“.

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When it comes to renewable energy silver plays huge role and of rising importance as the world seeks to move away from fossil fuels, silver is also a critical component in photovoltaics, a renewable energy whose growth over the past decade andChina has been leading its growth recently: in the past five years, China has counted for around 50 percent of solar’s gains.

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China had installed about 45 gigawatts of photovoltaics by 2015. It aims for 1000 gigawatts  by 2030, nearly five times what the entire world has installed today. Which means even bigger usage of silver. Basic math shows what this means for silver consumption. Today it takes about 2.8 million ounces of silver to produce one gigawatt of solar power. If we assume that there will be about  2 840 GW by 2030, and about 8 519 GW by 2050, which tell us that about 248 500 tons of silver, or almost 8 billion ounces, will be needed by 2030.

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After 2020, increasing silver demand will mean increasing rationing of the metal, which can only be done by via extraordinarily high prices. Just time will show the true power of silver. Make sure to check source link below if you want more informations.

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