Impressive Solar Parks – Part 1

In this post we will mention some really interesting Solar Parks around the globe.

Solar Impulse

Solar Impulse is the brainchild of Swiss engineer Andre Borschberg and Swiss aeronaut Bertrand Piccard. Its first flight began in December 2009, and the subsequent Solar Impulse 2 completed an entire journey around the world using just solar power in July 2016. Of course, the plane is little more than a proof of concept, but it shows that air travel is possible using just the power of the sun, leading to a possible future where airlines no longer pollute the skies.


Photovoltaic Road, Jinan, China – One December 28, 2017, a new road opened in Jinan, China. But unlike your usual asphalt construction, this 1km stretch of road was built with photovoltaic solar panels, able to bear the weight of small trucks. According to The New York Times in June last year, said that China’s road costs $11 a square foot. Expensive compared to asphalt but inexpensive compared to solar panel construction costs overall, and the company says, the road could pay for itself in energy after 15 years.

Sungrow Solar Farm, Huainan, China – This solar farm has a story to tell. It’s the world’s largest floating solar array—and it also sits on top of a collapsed coal mine. The installation produces 40 MW of energy, and is just another sign that the world’s biggest polluter is trying to clean up its reputation.

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