Things You Didn’t Know About Solar Energy – Part 4

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Welcome to the 4th part of interesting facts about solar energy and solar parks. As we said we are going to mention interesting yet funny panda theme solar park, football dragon themed stadium and Solar powered Luxury resort in Maldives. Lets go.

  1. Fluffiest Solar Park in the World – Panda Green Energy PV Park
    – To raise awareness about sustainable development in China, a new novel approach has been taken: cute panda shaped solar parks. This is an actual picture of an operational solar power plant shaped like a panda. Phase 1 of the 250 acre project is already complete, with 50 MW of power being generated, and another 50 MW of power is expected to be added once phase 2 is done. Many more of these bear shaped plants are in the works.
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2. National Stadium – Taiwan’s Dragon Shaped Stadium Solar System
– 8,844 solar panels are arranged in a dragon like figure atop Taiwan’s new national stadium. During testing, it took just 6 minutes to power up all of the stadiums 3,300 lights. On days where the stadium is not being used, extra power can be diverted to the community nearby, meeting 80% of the area’s energy needs. The stadium is estimated to generate 1.14 million KWh per year, preventing the release of 660 tons of carbon dioxide into atmosphere annually.

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3. Finholhu Villas – Solar Powered Luxury Resorts
– Ethical vacations anyone? Finolhu Villas are luxurious island Villas by Club Med in the south Asian country of Maldives.  These luxury resorts are completely self-sustaining, with solar panels built throughout the island.  Referred to in their own words as “energy-saving architecture”, 67,000 sq. ft. of solar panels are built into the resort including an energy storage system.  The 900kw generated is enough to support the staff and guests on the island at anytime.

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Thats it for our 4th part and see you next time.