Welcome to new blog, today we will talk about our future, ARTIFICAL INTELLIGENCE.

First to mention there are four types of artificial intelligence: reactive machines, limited memory, theory of mind and self-awareness. And now lets mention few facts about AI.

  1. AI Pets – Although real pets are lovable, as per pet-bot developers, they have a few setbacks. Real pets need to be taken care of, such as feeding and cleaning them up. AI pets will be robots that look, feel, and act like a real animal but eliminate such issues faced by owners. It is expected that AI-driven pets will be widely available in the market by 2025.
  2. Female AI – Studies show that most of the population prefer the sound of a female voice over a male voice. It is because if you ask voice assistants like Alexa, Siri a question, you will be answered by a pleasant and polite woman’s voice.
  3. AI recognises emotions – A robot built in the late 1990s called Kismet can recognise emotions through human body language and voice tone.
  4. AI will be smarter than US – AI can learn anything quickly, meaning its intelligence is increasing. In 2013, AI had the same intelligence as a 4 year old. By 2029, AI will have the same intelligence level as adult humans.
  5. AI already have nationality and passport – We are talking about Sophia, a lifelike humanoid, which obtained guaranteed citizenship in Saudi Arabia. It has brought controversy as people wonder and question whether or not robots should have rights.
  6. AI can write – A robot wrote an article on an earthquake in California on the Los Angeles Times website, gathering data from a seismograph.

I hope you enjoyed our new blog.

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